Why Bari - 2007?

Why Bari - 2007? Since 1959, year of CMAS foundation, the aim of the Confederation has ever been to promote, to encourage and to be at the service of sports being part of our culture and of our traditions. It was an important commitment. A commitment that encouraged the technical evolution of different disciplines with results of absolute value that may well appear among sports.

The results of championships confirmed this growth but also outlined the need to optimise the commitments of Federations and the need not to waste so many organising energies. CMAS World Championships have been the natural reply to this request of growth.

But CMAS World Championships are even something more than a reply to technical-organising needs because on that occasion all our athletes will be together, truly realizing the spirit of universal friendship that is the same essence of Confederation's life and they will be the true ambassadors of those values in their own countries.

The challenge is big, we have accepted it with the Town of Bari (Italy) and the Organising Committee of Bari 2007 that have put together their enthusiasm, their organising skills and theirs heartfelt welcome to guarantee the success of this event.

Bari will be for ten days the capital of the Confederation and of the 112 Federations that made up it.
It is the first time. It will be a milestone in our history.