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Szentendre: is a scenic town, a true colony of artists. Charming streets, art galeries and restaurants attract tourists for spending romantic hours there.

Hajógyári-sziget (Hajógyári-island): The island's main attraction is the weeklong popular music event, 'Sziget Festival' the ’Hungarian Woodstock’, held each August. It is one the most significant musical events of Europe. The cream of the Hungarian and international music and other artistic form is represented in this weeklong event. This is a real treat for the youth and for adults of young-soul.

The Roman-riverside: the beautiful Roman-riverside of the Danube can be reached by a few minutes walk from the Hotel. Boathouses of clubs are set next to each other on the bank where boats and canoes can be rented. Moreover, many popular pools (Római, Pünkösdfürdő, Csillaghegy) and other sport grounds (fitness, tennis and riding facilities) of Budapest are situated nearby.

Aquincum Museum and a park with ancient ruins: it is the third largest contiguous park of ancient ruins in Europe. These are 2000-year-old remains from the Roman Ages. The Aquincum Civil Town established by the Romans, the Roman villa (Hercules Villa) and the valuable antique ruins in the Aquincum Museum attract the visitors interested in archaeology and history. www.aquincum.hu