H-1031 Budapest, Rozália utca 76-78, tel: +36(1)454-1610, fax: 36(1)242-1534, e-mail: info@bedbreakfast.hu

What time may I occupy the room?
Rooms can be occupied from 2 p.m.. If you arrive in the morning and your room is cleaned, there is no objection to your taking the room. In case there is no clean room, we will look after your luggages.

What time shall I leave the room?
You must leave the room until 11 a.m.. If you would like to stay longer (few hours) please contact the receptionist. If we have the possibility, we arrange it with pleasure.

Is there Internet access at the hotel?
You can check your e-mails and search on the web on the computer established in the lounge of the hotel. This service is free for the hotel guests. There is a wireless connection possibility for your own lap top in the lobby as well.

How can I phone from the hotel?
There is a telephone in the lounge that is suitable for international calls. We don’t calculate a surcharge for international calls. You can buy telephone card at the reception desk.

Can I use my own iron, hair drier in the room?
The characteristics of the electric circuit in Hungary: 220-230 V, 50 Hz AC. If your equipment is suitable for that, you can use it. However, you do not need to carry your own iron or hair drier, because they are available on request at the reception.