Pierre Perraud (1985-1990)


Pierre Perraud (1985-1990) Born in Marseille July 6, 1926. In 1943 and until the landing in Provence, he was part of the Resistance. In August 16, 1944, upon landing, he enlisted in the 1st Armored Division (3rd Regiment of African Hunters) until May 1946.

He was wounded un action two times.
He participated in campaigns in France and Germany.
After having returned to civilian life he continued his studies that had been interrupted because of his commitments.

He enrolled at the Faculty of Sciences and received, in addition to a PCB, a Certificates of Superior Studies in Industrial Physics, General Chemistry, Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry, Thermogenesis and Microcalorimetry.

He also enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier and graduated as a Dental Surgeon with a Doctorate (with the Honors of the Jury and a Thesis Award).
He was also very passionate about various sports activities: motorcycling (5 years, international speed), mountaineering and scuba diving.

Fulfilled positions

  • Member of the head commission of the Motor Club of Marseilles (1950-1958)
  • Member of the head commission of the Provence section of the French Alpine Club (1944-1952)
  • President of GEP (Groupe des escaladeurs de Provence - Climbing Group of Provence) (1950-1958)
  • Member of the head commission of FFESSM (French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports) (1966-1985)
  • National Instructor of the B.E.E.S Scuba Diving 3rd Degree (1979)
  • President of FFESSM (1977-1980)
  • Honourable President of FFESSM since 1985
  • He takes on the presidency again for a short period in 2002 at a period of difficulty.
  • General Secretary of CMAS several times from 1973 to 1985
  • President of CMAS (1985-1990)
  • Honourable President of CMAS
  • Remaining Attaché of CMAS (1990-2001)
  • Honourable President of the GPES (Groupement de pêche et d'études sous-marines - Group of Fishermen and Underwater Studies)

His achievements

  • Affiliation with UNESCO ( in cooperation with Nick Flemming) - 1988
  • Affiliation with UICN (Union international pour la conservation de la nature) - 1986
  • Affiliation with the International Olympic Committee (in cooperation with Karll-Heinz Krell) – 1988
  • Establishing CMAS zones in Asia, Europe, North America and South America
  • Co-organizer of the Scientific Congress in La Jolla (California 1986), Tallahasie (Florida) 1987 Scientific Congress of Nagoya (Japan 1986), SCUBARAMA (Barcelona, Spain)
  • He had several missions in France as well as overseas concerning archaeology, environment protection and diving. He published studies and organised education on diving.


  • Military Medal, War Cross, Wounded Medal, Committed Volunteer...
  • Federal Medal No.45 - 1969
  • Medal of Honour in Sports from the Tunisian Government – 1976
  • Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (04.02.1977)
  • Knight of the Maritime Merit (03.09.1984)
  • Graduate of the  International Academy of Underwater Science - 1989
  • Winner of the International Prize of the Imperial Prince of Tomohito of Mikasa for his remarkable services concerning the ocean - 1990, Japan
  • Knight of the Legion of Honour in military life - 1990
  • Commander of the National Order of Honour - 1997
  • 50 Years Medal from  FFESSM - 2005


  • Odontalgia for the divers – 1973
  • Focal Infections at a Distance in Odonto-Stomatology
  • Regular articles in the Magazines  "Monde de la mer", "Oceans", Médecine du sport", "Cahiers odonto stomatologiques", "Bulletin de la CMAS", "Études et sports sous-marins"