Bari - 2007

Bari - 2007 For the first time all CMAS disciplines are re-united in one great international event that will take place in Italy. The spirit of the CMAS WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS will overlook to the increase in value and promotion of the underwater activities thanks to the presence of athletes coming from the 5 continents.

The town of Bari

Bari, seat of the CMAS WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS 2007, for its particular geographical condition of frontier post, for its deep tie with the sea and for the great hospitality which characterizes its population, fully expresses the CMAS spirit and philosophy that celebrates in the water a moment of encounter and comparison between different cultures.

Bari 2007 was born under the best auspices with the sponsorship of prestigious Institutions:

  • Regione Puglia
  • Provincia di Bari
  • Comune di Bari - Assessorato allo Sport
  • Coni
  • Circolo Canottieri Barion - Bari
  • Ente Torre Guaceto

Hospitality and logistic

Athletes, judges and the representatives of the federations will be lodge in adapted hotel structures opportunely connected with the fields of contest and the centres of the other activities. During the entire stay they will be supported and aided by the staff formed and put at their disposal just for the occasion.

Free time and events

The CMAS WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP program includes momemtns of free time and parallel performances so it will be an occasion of intercultural exchange and discovery of the fascinating architectonic and natural wonders of Bari and Puglia.

Fields of Contest

Communal Swimming Pool (Finswimming on short distance, in line apnoea, underwater hockey and rugby).
Bari's swimming system is one of the most important in Italy both for its technical and athletic possibilities and for its equipment capacity. Olympic Swimming Pool (50 mt - 8 lane); dive pool with platforms 10 mt, 7.5 mt, 5 mt and 3 mt; covered swimming pool (35 x 25 mt); covered swimming pool (25 x12.5 mt) for didactics.

Basin (Finswimming on long distance, orienteering)
The seafront is with no doubt one of the most important symbols of the city. The Circolo Canottieri Barion has its seat just in the ancient harbour basin, protected by S. Nicola and S. Antonio docks. The structure is equipped with all services of reception and utilities required for the sport practice. The basin is also protected by the breakwater barrier that ensures optimal condition of sea even in case of external flows or high wind.

Protected Park of Torre Guaceto (Underwater photography)
Torre Guaceto is a protected park created by a Ministerial Decree in 2000 and managed by the Consorzio di Gestione constitued by the Municipalities of Brindisi and Carovigno and by the Associazione Italiana WWF Nature Onlus. Nearly exotic and oneiric landscapes characterize the overland and marine area.
Therefore it is a privileged zone  for underwater photography.