About the Project

The idea of History.cmas.org was born in 2011 by Proaction Ltd., the official webmaster team of CMAS. We believe that this prestigious organization deserves an independent page which introduce the History of CMAS from the beginnings.

History.cmas.org is based on the international cooperation of  Federations and divers. Our aim is to collect facts, documents and photos to show this unique historical background of CMAS, and in the second place to show and keep alive the driving force that is behind all underwater activities. Through the interesting stories and rare pictures we can show a different perspective of diving.

We considered very important that not only the expert divers could understand this page. The outsiders who are interested in diving could also find here what they are looking for, owing to the easy to understand descriptions.

The page would not have been made without the support of CMAS HQ and Federations. Thanks for all the CMAS members who helped us with their articles and historical researches, old photos and issues. We expect their support in the future, too.

If you would like to join the project you can reach us at the address below:



dotindot solutions Kft.
1056 Budapest,
Váci u. 78-80.

e-mail: support@dotindot.hu


If you would like to send us documents, photos or videos to this project, please give us:
  • Your full name, your Federation's name and nationality
  • Your contact details where we can reach you (e-mail adress, phone number)
  • The sources of the documents, photos or videos
  • The permission of the owner of these documents
  • We can publish only the English language articles